Care and Feeding of Retired Trollbeads

How the Trollbeads concept works. Each bead in the Trollbeads collection, has its own unique story. You select beads that have special meaning for you (even if you pick beads because of a design you love, it is still part of you) and create your own story.

Caring for your Trollbeads bracelet. Trollbeads chains are sold without clasps to giving you choice of all the styles of locks, allowing you to choose the clasp that fits your Trollbeads story. When choosing a bracelet length, remember that the bracelet length already includes the length of the clasp. For example, a 7.1 bracelet will be a 6.1 chain and the clasp will fill out the length to the full 7.1 size bracelet. Typical full bracelets hold between 16 and 18 beads.

The leather necklaces also require a separate clasp like the silver chains. To check the length you need in a necklace, try on a necklace you have with a Trollbead on it or use string and try various lengths with a Trollbead on it to weight it down.

Sizing your Trollbeads ring is easy, check out your nearest jewelry store and ask for a ring sizer. Most stores help people size their fingers whether or not they are buying.

Cleaning your Trollbeads is recommended using a silver polishing cloth. Cleaning solution that remove oxidation of the beads, bracelets, necklaces, or rings (such as liquid silver polish) should be avoided.

Know your retired Trollbeads. Retired Trollbeads are beads that are no longer created or sold by Trollbeads. Retired Trollbeads range in price by desireablity, availability and age. And early beads of course were produced in smaller batches and are highly desired. Take caution when purchasing any Troll beads, Know your source, ebay always has the biggest selection of authentic retired Trollbeads. Some beads come in two parts. There are Trollbeads intentionally designed to be in two parts. The 11429, Bead of Fortune, is a two part bead that tells your fortune depending on how you line up the beads. The 12908, Little Princess, is a fantasy pendent that is in two parts with a moving crown.

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