Why Are Trollbeads So Popular?

Trollbeads are becoming more and more popular every day and are the original interchangeable jewelry line.

Despite being around for more than 30 years the rest of the world is just learning about the magic that has been being made in Denmark since 1976. Trollbeads are colorful beads which posses their own story which is based around animals, flowers, mythology and astrology. Troll beads are hand made from glass and when you see them being made it becomes obvious why they are so desired. The creativity and imagination that goes into a Trollbeads is amazing.

A brief history of Trollbeads starts 30 years ago in Denmark, where they were created by Soren Nielson. He created a very small silver pearl from a wax model, drilled a hole into the model and the concept of Trollbeads was born. In 2002 Lise Aagaard developed the first glass bead and the Trollbeads that we know today.

Since the first Trollbead was cast in 1976, there are now many glass, silver, and gold beads of all different shapes, sizes, types, and combinations. Trollbeads are created with carefully chosen materials including Italian Glass, Semi Precious Stones, Amber, Pearls, 18K Gold and Sterling Silver. A fusion of gold, silver and glass, there are as many types and variations of beads as there are personalities. Trollbeads are hard to categorize, but generally fall into into a few groups with retired Troll beads being the most popular. There are rare Trollbeads, limited edition Trollbeads, gold Trollbeads, OOAK (one of a kind) troll beads, and other Trollbeads such as the designer dolce Trollbead.

For over three decades the artists at Trollbeads in Denmark have been creating beads that have history, beads that tell a story. Collectors have found personal connection with Trollbeads and find a story in each bead, creating their own story. Every Trollbeads collector has their own history of why they chose a bead and with the addition of new beads, Trollbeads story continues to evolve. With new beads being introduced regularly, the artistic creativity continues to reach new levels. Each year brings exciting new bead releases, and Trollbeads collectors eagerly await each new release.

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