Retired Troll beads Jewellery - What Are They?

Retired Troll beads are exactly that, Trollbeads that are no longer made by Trollbeads or sold by authorized Trollbeads dealers. Trollbeads are retired to make room for new designs and styles. Currently there are over 200 Trollbeads being produced. The value of a retired Troll bead depends on it's desirability, availability and age. Of course the earliest Trollbeads were produce in the smallest quantities, so they are the most expensive. However, many Trollbeads collectors are selling their older Trollbeads on ebay to make room for new designs. It is possible to find that rare Trollbead on ebay at a discount price.

Retired Troll beads come in a variety of shapes and designs.

Glass Trollbeads

The first glass Trollbeads were created by Lise Aagaard in the 1980's. The Murano glass used in Trollbeads jewelry give Trollbeads a distinction from all other bead jewelry. Glass beads are born from of glass tubes or rods that are super-heated and shaped and designed while softened by the flame of a torch. The Trollbeads Murano glass bead collection includes over 130 different styles. These exquisite beads are made by hand and are crafted using a century’s old method called lamp working.

Gold Trollbeads

Varying with different styles and shapes, Trollbeads are made with the finest silver and 18 karat gold, studded with crystals, gems or pearls. Each piece of jewelry that is shaped in an exquisite form is modeled from hard wax, which is cast of either 18 karat gold or silver, or both and some of these are accented with precious gemstones.

Letter Trollbeads

These Trollbeads are designed around a letter from the alphabet. Your initials can be incorporated into your troll bead necklace or bracelet. This is one more way Trollbeads allows you to personalize your jewelery and create your own story.

OOAK Trollbeads

OOAK Trollbeads or One of A Kind Trollbeads are completely unique from the rest. These Trollbeads are the remnants of deigns that turned out to be different from what was ordered. But that makes these beads are highly valued. These hand made one of a kind beads are completely unique. Some were prototypes that rejected while others are slightly imperfect and didn't meet specifications. Often it is a color is mismatch or the design flaw, but this adds to the rarity and desire for the bead.

Silver Trollbeads

Silver was the original material for the first Troll beads in 1976. They were cast from wax models which had a hole drilled through them.

Trollbeads draw the eye and attract attention from a wide collector base. Part of the reason lies in the premise to create a charm bracelet that could be personalized similar to the traditional charm bracelet, but can be easily changed by the owner to fit the mood or occasion. The end result is a bracelet that is as liquid as choosing an outfit for the evening.

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